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Greetings clinicians! 

We're excited to share our latest updates! We are committed to improving your RoundingWell experience with new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. This release focuses on risk feed management and clinician management. Please see the release notes below.



The goal with this release is to make it quicker and easier for you to process the All Risks feed. This becomes especially important as you manage more and more patients in RoundingWell. We've made two big changes to All Risks:

Bundling Risks
Previously, you would see a flat list of Needs Attention (or Open) risks. Now, all instances of the same Risk are grouped together. This new bundled view makes it easier to see at a glance what risks have been identified and how many patients have that risk.

For example if seven patients all had the Medication Adherence risk, previously you’d see seven instances of that Medication Adherence risk. Now, Medication Adherence appears just once and you can drill down to that risk to see the seven patients with Medication Adherence.

Processing Risks in Bulk
As you know, triaging a population involves focusing your limited time and attention on patients who are most in need of your attention. Taking action sometimes only requires a simple intervention. In other instances, implementing a complex pathway is what's needed. Then there are times when risks are more informational and need only an acknowledgement. For this use case, you can now close risks without leaving the risk feed.

When you've drilled down to view all instances of a single risk, simply select the risk you want to close and click "Close selected risk(s)." Now it's easy to have All Risks reflect just the issues that are most important to manage.

  • When closing risks from risk feeds, you'll need to choose whether risk followers should receive inbox notifications about these closed risks.
  • Tip: You can jump right to a patient's overview by clicking their name in the list.



New Clinician Management Columns
We're showing the Clinicians section of RoundingWell some much needed love. Instead of your simple list of clinicians and roles, we're adding columns to show how many groups each clinician is a member of as well as their user registration status. Hover over each item to see more detail.


A number of other bugs and incidental fixes were made in an effort to help provide a better experience for you in the RoundingWell clinician console.