RoundingWell Release Notes March 2018


Pathway Task Sidebar

The Pathway Task Sidebar has been live in the Content Section of RoundingWell since early February. Now we're bringing this functionality forward onto pathway pages for all users. Instead of creating or editing tasks inline, you’ll now see a new pane open up on the side of the page to create or edit the task.

  • This feature will also remove the menu of quick task selections that you'd typically see when creating a new task.
  • You can still add a new, custom task by clicking "Task" at the bottom of any pathway. 
  • Pathway Task Sidebar lays the groundwork for future task enhancements that we are excited to build for you.
Task Sidebar.png


Custom Task Lists

RoundingWell Tasks provides certain columns and filters that get the job of organizing all your tasks done fairly well, but we know you want to do more with the data. Custom Task Lists will allow you to define the filters and columns you'd like to see to better aggregate work that is most important to you. Reach out to your Account Manager with your ideas. After creating a quick task list specification document, we can build the task list for you and your team without waiting on the next release. 

Bug Fixes & Updates

We fixed a number of bugs and incidentals in an effort to help provide a better experience for you in the RoundingWell clinician console. This includes the release of the fix for clinician activity emails that were failing for several users. The pause on all clinician activity emails has been lifted, and you should be receiving those notifications again.