RoundingWell Release Notes - March 2017

We're excited to share our latest updates! We are committed to improving your RoundingWell experience with new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. 

Custom List Filter Menus

With this release, RoundingWell is introducing filter menus for your custom patient lists. Custom list filter menus allow you to have more control over your patient population in RoundingWell. With filter menus, patient lists become more informative and actionable.

  • Filter menus are be set at the organization level and are available for all clinician users.
  • A custom list can have multiple filter menus, based on patient data in RoundingWell and EMR data.

Think about your current custom lists and what your organization might select as filter options for these lists, such as screening data, CCM time, data captured from your EMR, engagement status, or group. Please reach out to your Account Manager to request and apply filters to your custom lists.

Bug Fixes

We have fixed a number of bugs and incidentals in an effort to help provide a better experience for you in the RoundingWell clinician console.

  • The patient sidebar will now support scrolling if your window dimensions are small. Overview, History, and Profile buttons will remain visible despite a small browsing window.
  • If a risk has a large number of factors on the Add New Risk page, clinicians will be able to scroll through all factors and the footer will remain anchored to the bottom of the page.
  • In Tasks, an issue with a blue arrow showing up next to the patient name while performing an in-line task due date change has been corrected.
  • In Tasks, making an in-line task due date change into the future from your unscheduled task list will now remove the task from viewing under the Unscheduled filter.
  • Null pathway adherence values have been recalculated and are displaying correctly on Pathway Adherence Insight Report.