RoundingWell Release Notes - Early Feb 2017

We’ve been working hard to make RoundingWell work harder for you. This release includes enhancements and bug fixes that we’d like to tell you about. Many of these are from the direct feedback we’ve heard from you. Please keep the feedback coming!

Feature Enhancements

  • Custom patient lists now have improved sorting power. You’ll notice that patient lists are ordered a little more smartly.
  • The left navigation menu has been rebuilt to better support users with many lists. And custom patient lists are ordered A-Z now.
  • For a pathway that you’re ready to start, you’ll see the ‘Save’ button is now called ‘Start’. Makes sense, right?
  • In Insights, the Pathway Adherence drill-down lists better handle patients who are in multiple groups.
  • In Content, the ‘Add New Pathway’ button has moved to the left navigation menu. No need to scroll to the bottom of your (possibly long) pathway list to add a new pathway. (see image below)

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