RoundingWell Release Notes December 2017


End of year greetings from your friends at RoundingWell!
Today’s release is all about Pathways and making them work better for you. 


As of today, we’re retiring the use of the term “Risk” in RoundingWell. The vast majority of you all start and run Pathways more than just about anything else. We know that’s the term that better fits your workflow and so “Risk” is going away. 

Retiring the “Risk” term is a transitional process so there may be a few places you still see the term. 

“Risk Feeds” is now just called “Pathways”

Pathway Dashboard.png

Along with that, we’re making two changes to how your Pathway lists function:

  • Pathway Dashboard only displays Pathways. Other than that it functions the same way as before. Hopefully, you’ll experience a more helpful and streamlined view of Pathways for your patients with Pathway Dashboard. In fact, over time we’d like to make Pathway Dashboard feel even more like a dashboard. (If you have ideas about that, please send them our way!)
  • Pathways I’m Following works just like it did before. You may still see a handful of Risks on your Pathways I’m Following list. (That too will change in an upcoming release.

During this transition, please give us feedback about how well this terminology shift is working for you and any suggestions about what else you’d like to see. For example: How would you like to handle Risks that haven’t been converted into a Pathway yet? Should RW hide those away? Should they live on a separate list?


One of the most used workflows in RW is Add New Pathway (previously called Add New Risk). As of today, you can now preview the pathway you’re about to add to a patient record. No more guessing or wondering if you’re adding the pathway you want. You’ll know with Pathway Preview. Feel free to play around with Add New Pathway, especially if you’re new to RW.

Key points:

  • Core Pathway Tasks will show up automatically in Pathway Preview.

  • Factor pathway tasks are added to Pathway Preview when you add them. You’ll see them highlighted in yellow.

Click “Show only Factors with Pathway” to narrow the Factor options to just those with Pathway Tasks.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 3.50.36 PM.png


A small tweak to your Tasks that you might’ve noticed already: If you see long tasks that are truncated, just hover over the task name and you’ll see the full task name show up right there in line. It’s a little thing. Hope you like it.

Bug Fixes 

We fixed a number of bugs and incidentals in an effort to help provide a better experience for you in the RoundingWell clinician console.