RoundingWell Release Notes August 2017

We're excited to share our latest updates! We are committed to improving your RoundingWell experience with new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. 

Add New Risk: Browse & Search

‘Add New Risk’ is a very common workflow for RoundingWell clinicians. The old way this worked allowed you to only see a short menu of options, which made it hard to browse through risks and factors available to you in a clinical program. Also, you had no way to keyword search to find just the right risk or factor.

Now with the new ‘Add New Risk’, you can more easily browse the list of risks and factors available for each program/disease focus. Here are 3 new things you can do:

  • Browse a list of risks available to add to a patient. The risks will be listed in the alphabetical order A-Z, by category. Click the category to view risks in that category.
  • Search a keyword to narrow down the list of risks and factors
  • Filter a list of risks to only display options with a pathway available

Add New Risk: Add Factors & Preview Pathway (coming soon!)

We’re not stopping with just Browse and Search. We also know risk and factor pathways can be a little confusing to new users. And not being able to see a preview of the pathway you’re about to add is a real pain.

Coming later this quarter, we’ll add the ability for you to see exactly which factors have a pathway. And you’ll be able to see a preview of the pathway you’re about to add to a patient. It’s going to be a nice enhancement that should make RoundingWell work just a little bit better for you.

Be on the lookout for that!

Bug Fixes 

We fixed a number of bugs and incidentals in an effort to help provide a better experience for you in the RoundingWell clinician console.