5 New Ways RoundingWell Better Supports ACOs

With our latest release, we've upgraded the way RoundingWell supports ACOs and its member organizations. Before, you could think of RoundingWell more like a centralized model (everyone under one roof). Now, RoundingWell works more like a connected network (think hub-and-spoke). It turns out the connected network model fits ACO needs much better.

1. RW supports ACO beneficiary rosters for improved patient management.

Before, handling roster files was too manual. Now, roster files support is more automated. When an ACO’s quarterly beneficiary roster is published, RW can now apply that file to the ACO member org’s population. Our platform automatically sorts those beneficiaries into their own group. This makes it easy for frontline clinicians to know who their ACO beneficiaries are and manage them appropriately. The rest of the patient population is still accessible to the clinician so they can continue working with those patients like normal.

2. RW can integrate with each ACO member org’s EMR.

Before, RW was limited in its ability to integrate with multiple EMRs. Now, each member org can have its EMR integrated with RW. Integrating your EMR with RW makes it possible to streamline important workflows. Some integration use cases include:

  • Automatically import all of your patient records

  • Eliminate double-charting by exporting data in RW back to the patient chart in your EMR

  • Trigger alerts or pathways based on EMR data, such as admissions or discharges

  • Set up custom lists that help you close gaps in care 

3. Each member org can more fully customize RW workflows to suit their individual needs.

Before, member orgs were constrained in how deeply it could customize RW. Now, each member org has more control over custom patient lists and custom pathways, which are just two ways member orgs can configure RW to meet its exact needs. Each member org can set up workflows specific to the populations it manages with these two features.

4. ACO leadership can now share pathways with all member orgs

Before, there was no great way to share pathways amongst member orgs in RW. Now, certain pathways can be authored at the ACO leadership level and then shared across the entire ACO network. Each ACO member organization will still be able to create its own pathways that aren’t already managed by ACO leadership.

5. RoundingWell Check-Ins are now branded with each member org's facility branding.

A key success factor in sustained digital engagement is a patient understanding that their clinicians and providers are on the other side of their check-ins, not some anonymous unknown individuals. Patients – whether ACO beneficiaries or not – are usually more familiar with the physician practice or hospital where they receive care so RW now supports localized branding for each member org.