RoundingWell Release Notes - Late Aug '16

We're excited to share our latest updates! We are committed to improving your RoundingWell experience with new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. This release introduces a CCM Activity Report to the Patient History section. Please see the release notes below.


Today we’re introducing the CCM Activity Report for our clinical teams working with patients who need Chronic Care Management, CPT Code 99490. RoundingWell supports key aspects of billing requirements for CCM through patient engagement, care coordination documentation, and time tracking. With the CCM Activity Report, you'll be able to see a full log of all time tracked activity for a CCM patient in a completed month. You can access the CCM Activity Report in the patient's History. You can also print or copy and paste the report into an EMR. Key information in this report includes: 

  • Total Time Tracked
  • Clinician Time Tracked
  • Patient Engagement Time Tracked
  • Completed Check-Ins (Includes Date/Timestamp and Duration)
  • Completed Tasks (Includes Clinician Name, Date/Timestamp Completed, Duration, Related Risk, and Notes) *excludes completed tasks with no time tracked
  • Completed Assessments (Includes Assessor, Date/Timestamp, and Duration)

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