RoundingWell Release Notes - Early June '16

Add New Assessment

We’re happy to announce the newest feature in RoundingWell: Assessments. Many of our customers (oncology, renal, home health, health systems, etc.) have expressed strong interest in the ability for clinicians to capture assessments electronically.

Electronic assessments have many advantages over paper-based assessments, such as:

  • Capturing responses electronically is faster than paper.
  • Electronic assessments can be scored automatically.
  • Assessment results can trigger other steps in a workflow: Alerts will appear in your risk feed and pathways can be queued up.

Today, we’re launching Assessments with the PHQ-9 Depression Screening. Here’s how it works:

  • You can capture an assessment for any patient by clicking Add New Assessment on Patient Overview and selecting PHQ-9.
  • After completing the assessment, close the assessment modal window and you’ll see that the assessment is processing. After a moment, you’ll see that the assessment has completed its processing. Click “Refresh the page” to see if any risks were identified.
  • Completed assessments are logged to History will be listed as a completed check-in.

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