RoundingWell Release Notes - Early April '16

We're excited to share our latest updates! We are committed to improving RoundingWell with new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. This release introduces filters to your task list. Please see the release notes below.

Say goodbye to My Tasks. Say Hello to Tasks.

Today is the first release (with more to come later) in the theme of “Customize Your Workspace.” We believe RoundingWell should support the ways you want to work, not define it. You should be able to have more control over what lists you see, what information you see in each list, and how you’d like to order lists. To that end, Tasks has been overhauled to be significantly more capable. Here are two big changes we’ve made:

  • You can now see tasks for any clinician in your group, not just your own tasks; hence, the name change—My Tasks is now just Tasks.

  • You now have more options for filtering a task list so you can drill down to more specific sets of tasks. Additional filter options allow you to see only the tasks you want to see. For example, you could filter to just see: tasks due today, assigned to me, at Clinic B.

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