RoundingWell Release Notes - Early July 2016

Patient Activation Measure (PAM) comes to RoundingWell

In our last release, we introduced Assessments in RoundingWell, a way for clinicians to electronically capture screenings and health assessments. Assessments launched with the PHQ-9 Depression Screening. Today, we’re adding another assessment: the Patient Activation Measure by Insignia Health. Backed by many clinical studies, the PAM is a validated measure to gauge a patient’s activation level. Activation not only supports more personalized patient-centered care, but activation is a strong predictor of patient outcomes. 

Benefits of PAM in RoundingWell:

  1. PAM is available to patients directly via RoundingWell Engagement and patient activation is automatically measured on a quarterly basis (image 1)
  2. Clinicians can capture PAM assessments electronically at any time (image 2)
  3. PAM Level and Score are calculated automatically and displayed in the Patient Sidebar (and coming later on Patients, Risks, and Tasks lists) (image 3)

Note: Your organization must have a license for PAM in order to take advantage of the PAM features in RoundingWell. Call or email your RoundingWell Account Manager if you’re interested in licensing the PAM!

Full release notes available here.