5 ways mobile is moving mountains in patient engagement

RoundingWell CEO John Smithwick takes a look at 5 ways mobile is causing major shifts in patient engagement.

From EMRs to wearables, transformative technologies are reshaping the way healthcare is delivered today.

And mobile devices are a critical cog in the modern healthcare machine: 90 percent of Americans now own a mobile device, and they spend an average of 43 minutes per month on those devices, compared with just 22 minutes at an average doctor’s visit.

Mobile devices make information instantly available to far more people, integrating them with our daily lives more than traditional desktop computers ever did. In fact, for the first time, people are searching for information more on mobile devices than on laptops or desktops, according to Google.

With nearly all the information in the world just clicks away, more patients – especially those with chronic conditions – are lobbying for on-demand access to their personal medical information. These “consumer driven healthcare advocates” believe this transparency will arm them to better participate as an equal member of their care team.