RoundingWell Release Notes - Mid May '14

New Features

Risks I'm Following and Patients I'm Following
You may have noticed the Follow Risk feature that went out with our last release. Building on this concept, we updated the risk feeds. Risks-All Patients is now just called All Risks and Risks-My Patients is now called Risks I'm Following. Risks you are following are accessible on the feed Risks I'm Following.

We also updated the Patient Management list, My Patients. This list is now Patients I'm Following. All the patients you're following are accessible on the, you guessed it, Patients I'm Following list. Another important point: when you are following a patient (formerly known as Assigned Clinician), you automatically become a follower of all risks for that particular patient. Stay tuned over the next release or two for some really cool things we're going to do with the Follow Risk feature.

Feature Enhancements

MRN Validation
Medical record numbers are a unique identifier for patients you manage. We have enhanced our MRN validation processes for patients specific to your organization. 

Handoff Patients and Tasks
Let's say you need to remove a clinician from a group and this clinician has patients and tasks assigned to him or her. Handoff Patients and Tasks ensures that work is transferred seamlessly to another clinician in the group. Handy!

New Date Picker
We've redesigned the date picker to be easier to use. You can also use date shortcuts like "today" and "tomorrow."

A lot of work was done behind the scenes of RoundingWell to improve application performance. Performance is something you feel more than you see. And you definitely feel it when things are slow. Bottom line: our goal is to make RoundingWell perform as fast as possible, so fast that you never even think about it.

Bug Fixes

  • We cleaned up the instructions for resetting your password.
  • We resolved issues with the the close risk prompt.
  • We resolved issues with the Start Pathway form.
  • We fixed the problem with clinician group lists not scrolling for some users.
  • We edited a copy error on the patient check-in closing screen.