RoundingWell Release Notes - Early June '14

Feature Enhancements

Risk Sheet
Commenting in the Discussion area of the Risk Sheet has been rewritten from the ground up. It may look the same on the surface, but it has been greatly improved under the hood.
Changes you might notice: Comments appear instantly, @mentions are more solid, you can put paragraph breaks in a comment if it gets long, and you can use a keyboard shortcut "Tab+Enter" to submit comments.

We're continuing to enhance the Follow Risk feature. Now you will automatically become a follower of a risk whenever you post a comment. Also, anyone who is @mentioned in a comment automatically becomes a follower of that risk. This keeps you and the other followers in the loop on any discussions about a risk. As always, you can unfollow a risk or remove any other followers of risk any time.

RoundingWell Emails
Based on your feedback, we have streamlined clinician sign up emails and patient sign up and invitation emails. Emails describe the benefits for using RoundingWell. Patients receive continued reinforcement and instructions on what to do next. Remember, each communication is branded to your organization.

Clinician Sign-Up Emails:

Patient Sign-Up Emails:

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug allowing the cursor to jump outside text field for IE10 users.
  • We resolved issues with misaligned tooltips on risk detail pages.
  • We improved menu animation for iPad users.
  • We fixed an issue with the RoundingWell Clinical Engagement Library dropping content for branching logic.
  • We resolved an issue with old due date or profile information displaying during an information update call to the server.