Release Notes

RoundingWell Release Notes - Early Feb 2017

We’ve been working hard to make RoundingWell work harder for you. This release includes enhancements and bug fixes that we’d like to tell you about. Many of these are from the direct feedback we’ve heard from you. Please keep the feedback coming!

Feature Enhancements

  • Custom patient lists now have improved sorting power. You’ll notice that patient lists are ordered a little more smartly.
  • The left navigation menu has been rebuilt to better support users with many lists. And custom patient lists are ordered A-Z now.
  • For a pathway that you’re ready to start, you’ll see the ‘Save’ button is now called ‘Start’. Makes sense, right?
  • In Insights, the Pathway Adherence drill-down lists better handle patients who are in multiple groups.
  • In Content, the ‘Add New Pathway’ button has moved to the left navigation menu. No need to scroll to the bottom of your (possibly long) pathway list to add a new pathway. (see image below)

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RoundingWell Release Notes - Early January 2017

Happy New Year! Happy New Release! 

We’ve been hard at work making RoundingWell work harder for you. This release introduces two big new features we’d like to tell you about.

Custom Patient Lists

We know how important it is for your RoundingWell workspace to be customized to your specific needs and workflows. Custom Patient Lists allow your organization to configure lists exactly the way you want.

  • Auto-matching patients - You define the rules for a list and when patients meet the ruleset, they show up on the list.
  • Configurable columns - Set only the columns that are relevant to a list.
  • Find in List - Easily locate the specific patient you’re searching for.
  • Custom Filter Menus (Coming Soon!) - Dial in a list just how you want with custom filter menus. Look out for this in an upcoming release.

For those of you who’ve been testing this feature, thanks for your feedback so far. We’re listening. If there's a patient list you'd like to see, contact your team lead or your RoundingWell account manager.

Insights - Pathway Adherence

Insights - Pathway Adherence

With payments being tied to quality more and more, the pressure for teams and organizations to perform is greater than ever. We’re committed to making RoundingWell help organizations achieve their performance and quality targets. That’s the idea behind our newest Insights feature: Pathway Adherence. Pathway Adherence measures how well your organization is following your pathways. 

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RoundingWell Release Notes - Late Aug '16

We're excited to share our latest updates! We are committed to improving your RoundingWell experience with new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. This release introduces a CCM Activity Report to the Patient History section. Please see the release notes below.


Today we’re introducing the CCM Activity Report for our clinical teams working with patients who need Chronic Care Management, CPT Code 99490. RoundingWell supports key aspects of billing requirements for CCM through patient engagement, care coordination documentation, and time tracking. With the CCM Activity Report, you'll be able to see a full log of all time tracked activity for a CCM patient in a completed month. You can access the CCM Activity Report in the patient's History. You can also print or copy and paste the report into an EMR. Key information in this report includes: 

  • Total Time Tracked
  • Clinician Time Tracked
  • Patient Engagement Time Tracked
  • Completed Check-Ins (Includes Date/Timestamp and Duration)
  • Completed Tasks (Includes Clinician Name, Date/Timestamp Completed, Duration, Related Risk, and Notes) *excludes completed tasks with no time tracked
  • Completed Assessments (Includes Assessor, Date/Timestamp, and Duration)

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RoundingWell Release Notes - Early July 2016

Patient Activation Measure (PAM) comes to RoundingWell

In our last release, we introduced Assessments in RoundingWell, a way for clinicians to electronically capture screenings and health assessments. Assessments launched with the PHQ-9 Depression Screening. Today, we’re adding another assessment: the Patient Activation Measure by Insignia Health. Backed by many clinical studies, the PAM is a validated measure to gauge a patient’s activation level. Activation not only supports more personalized patient-centered care, but activation is a strong predictor of patient outcomes. 

Benefits of PAM in RoundingWell:

  1. PAM is available to patients directly via RoundingWell Engagement and patient activation is automatically measured on a quarterly basis (image 1)
  2. Clinicians can capture PAM assessments electronically at any time (image 2)
  3. PAM Level and Score are calculated automatically and displayed in the Patient Sidebar (and coming later on Patients, Risks, and Tasks lists) (image 3)

Note: Your organization must have a license for PAM in order to take advantage of the PAM features in RoundingWell. Call or email your RoundingWell Account Manager if you’re interested in licensing the PAM!

Full release notes available here.

RoundingWell Release Notes - Early June '16

Add New Assessment

We’re happy to announce the newest feature in RoundingWell: Assessments. Many of our customers (oncology, renal, home health, health systems, etc.) have expressed strong interest in the ability for clinicians to capture assessments electronically.

Electronic assessments have many advantages over paper-based assessments, such as:

  • Capturing responses electronically is faster than paper.
  • Electronic assessments can be scored automatically.
  • Assessment results can trigger other steps in a workflow: Alerts will appear in your risk feed and pathways can be queued up.

Today, we’re launching Assessments with the PHQ-9 Depression Screening. Here’s how it works:

  • You can capture an assessment for any patient by clicking Add New Assessment on Patient Overview and selecting PHQ-9.
  • After completing the assessment, close the assessment modal window and you’ll see that the assessment is processing. After a moment, you’ll see that the assessment has completed its processing. Click “Refresh the page” to see if any risks were identified.
  • Completed assessments are logged to History will be listed as a completed check-in.

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RoundingWell Release Notes - Early May '16

Find in List

We mentioned a few weeks back that we had a little bit more work to do on Tasks to get it all the way into its new and improved state. By now you’re used to the new filters like Group, Assignee, and Date. The final element is Find in List, and we have a feeling you’re going to like it.
Find in List is a way for you search the current task list you’re viewing. When you type a keyword term into Find in List, any tasks from the current task list matching that term will be displayed.

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RoundingWell Release Notes - Early April '16

We're excited to share our latest updates! We are committed to improving RoundingWell with new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. This release introduces filters to your task list. Please see the release notes below.

Say goodbye to My Tasks. Say Hello to Tasks.

Today is the first release (with more to come later) in the theme of “Customize Your Workspace.” We believe RoundingWell should support the ways you want to work, not define it. You should be able to have more control over what lists you see, what information you see in each list, and how you’d like to order lists. To that end, Tasks has been overhauled to be significantly more capable. Here are two big changes we’ve made:

  • You can now see tasks for any clinician in your group, not just your own tasks; hence, the name change—My Tasks is now just Tasks.

  • You now have more options for filtering a task list so you can drill down to more specific sets of tasks. Additional filter options allow you to see only the tasks you want to see. For example, you could filter to just see: tasks due today, assigned to me, at Clinic B.

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